Welcome to Merithius – Merithius (Album Recording)

This album was composed, performed and recorded throughout 2016 and was released on November 18th, 2016, on all platforms and streaming services. Welcome to Merithius is the band’s first release and the beginning to a massive fantasy story.

Songs like the title track, “Welcome to Merithius” and “All New Era” showcase Alex’s trombone performance and production using various guitar effects pedals and even a guitar amp.

This album is now available worldwide, on every streaming and retail site!

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New Song – Merithius (Performance)

This piece was composed by members of Merithius, including Alex, during the Spring of 2017. The video shows the performance by Merithius, during their show at the Cantab lounge on June 24th, 2017. Shot using iPhone 6 Camera.


This song features Alex’s use of several vocal techniques, such as throat singing, screaming and a variety of clean singing styles.


Fan Video:



Trombone Live Rig – Alex Hart (Featured Video & Performance)

This video features Alex hosting a “rig rundown” of his trombone setup for his band, Merithius. He shows and explains how he uses all of the gear he brings to the stage and to the studio.

This video was shared and promoted by a number of the companies “tagged” and featured in it.

Official Rig Rundown Video:



Avira (DEMO) – Leksi (Recording)

This piece was composed, performed and recorded 2016 – 2017 under the artist-name, Leksi, by Alexander Hart at Mix One Studios.

On this tune he worked with a whole collection of new tools and instruments that challenged my Production abilities, and was a step towards a complete release as a solo artist. This concept is a spin-off of the Merithius multiverse story, and the style is reminiscent of earlier Merithius writing.

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Glory – Leksi (Recording)

This piece was composed, performed and recorded between January & February 2015 under the artist-name, Leksi, by Alexander Hart at his home recording studio.

This piece was written, produced and released as the final element of a 3-part Progressive Rock/Metal series as an ode to the stress and horror of exam periods often experienced by students at Berklee.

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